Backend (Laravel)

Spot2 Dev Team

About us:

We are a disruptive proptech startup in Mexico City and we want to create the next ecosystem for commercial real estate. If you’re interested in fast learning and making a breaking change in the industry, join us! Help us to create the next generation marketplace and digital tools for commercial real estate.

Hiring Process:

  • We want to read about your technical skills and years of experience.
  • Programming challenge, in order to verify code quality, programming practices and performance.
  • Interview with the CTO about yourself, personal experience, interests and career goals.

Day to day

  • Large codebase maintaining and testing oriented to fulfill proptech solutions.
  • Experience with web scrapping and ETL process
  • Code refactoring with best practices and special attention to performance and dead code. Experience with code coverage and pipelines is a bonus.
  • Developing new features with special focus to response times and performance.
  • Comfortable with developing software for diverse RDBMS engines.
  • Provide solutions to problems in terms of time and complexity.
  • Daily meetings 15-40 min at 10:00/11:00 am Mexico City

Tech Skills

  • Object Oriented Programming experience (+3 years)
    • Bonus: Experience with other programming paradigms like functional, reactive or imperative
  • Deep understanding of design patterns and PHP programming
  • Experience with Laravel +3 years
  • Some experience with other web frameworks like Symfony, Rails, Nestjs are desirable
  • Solid foundations of computer science as well as using data structures and algorithms
  • TDD and Unit Testing development experience
  • Version control using Git
    • Bonus: gitflow as work methodology
  • Experience with developing and managing RESTful web services
  • Desirable cloud experience with providers like AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Desirable experience with system orchestration and containerization through Kubernetes and Docker

Soft Skills:

  • Group players, we encourage to leave ego apart from work.
  • Able to work part remote but independently; detail-oriented and execution focused.
  • Contribute to having a better development team.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Goal-oriented and well organized.
  • Eagerness to collaborate cross-functionally with our other projects and persons.
  • Provide solutions to problems, not only code.
  • Engineering minded, always willing to seek how things work.
  • SCRUM work methodology.
  • Design Patterns of software development in Python
  • Able to translate problems into technological solutions.

What we offer:

  • Home office
  • Great challenges that will complement your development career.
  • Fast growing company. If we grow, you grow

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